Well-being for body and soul

On the 3rd floor is the wellness area with sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin, and lounge room. Enjoy the magnificent view of Pfunds and the Tyrolean mountains.

Showers in the Garni Traube wellness area
Sitting area in the Garni Traube wellness area
Garni Traube relaxation room

Massage & body treatments

Would you like to do something good for your body? Book your massage appointment today, since we can't always promise available appointments made on-site. 

Full-body massageca. 60 min€ 55
Back massageca. 30 min      € 32
Back massage with infrared radiationca. 60 min€ 41
Intensive back treatment 
A combination of fascia massage and treatment of trigger points. 
ca. 60 min  € 55
Sports massageca. 30 min
ca. 60 min
€ 32
€ 55
Anti-stress relaxation massage with pine oil
Pine wood has a positive effect on sleep, circulation, and the autonomic nervous system.
ca. 60 min€ 55
Combo massage
Neck and back massage with foot reflex zone massage.
ca. 60 min€ 55
Foot reflex zone massage
Refreshing foot wash with essential oils.
Foot reflex zone massage followed by application of herbs.
ca. 60 min€ 55
Lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder
Treatment for detoxification. For swelling, sports injuries, and bruising.
ca. 60 min
ca. 90 min
€ 55
€ 72
Facial lymph drainageca. 30 min€ 32
Dorn Breuss massage
Leg length differences and all vertebrae will brought back into natural alignment in gentle ways. Followed by soothing spine massage to ease back nerves. 
It will allow energy to flow again and blockages will be dissolved. 
ca. 60 min€ 55
Honey massage for the back
The honey massage stimulates the metabolism and frees the body of waste products, sebum, and dead skin cells with its detoxifying effect. The honey massage also helps with back tension and adhesions. With this massage, the body can restore its natural detoxifying ability.

ca. 40 min

€ 50
Lomi Lomi Nui - Hawaiian temple massage (incl. period of rest)
Lomi Lomi Nui is a mixture of ritual, dance, and body therapy that conveys a unique sense of well-being. The "Kahuna Lapa'au" (masseur) invests all his energy and also uses his elbow to loosen knots, tension, and blockages. 

ca. 90 min

€ 99
Ear candling treatment 
Indian wellness ritual 

With the magical fragrance of honey, sage, and chamomile. 
Ideal complement to a massage!
ca. 30 min€ 22
Indian head massage (incl. period of rest)
With a short Shirodhara, warm aromatic oil will flow over a tense scalp. A head massage will relieve stress and blockages will be dissolved thus creating a feeling of calm and relaxation. 
ca. 45 min€ 45
Traditional Thai massage
More than 2500 year old Thai massage therapy that focuses on energy lines (Sen lines). The 10 main Sen lines of the body are targeted with pressure, stretching, and movement. Energy blockages are dissolved and self-healing powers activated. This technique is also called "lazy person's yoga". This massage is done in a clothed state (t-shirt, tracksuit pants) without oil. 
ca. 60 min
ca. 80 min
€ 60
€ 75

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