Farm Birkach


In times when quality is taking on a whole new meaning and origin is becoming more and more in demand - we too have given it some thought. During the COVID lockdown, we used the time to renovate and rebuild our old empty barn from the ground up. Now we can rely on top quality from our own Wagyu cattle and sheep breeding.


Stall Birkach


Originally from Japan - now also in Birkach | For our Wagyu cattle breeding, we breed the Wagyu breed of cattle, which originates from Japan (Kobe region), from an early age. This breed of cattle is popular and well-known worldwide for its fine fat marbling and the tender meat it produces.
Thus, it is considered the most expensive meat in the world.

Schafstall Birkach

Since our family has always kept and bred sheep, it was natural for us to want to continue this tradition in our new barn. So, parallel to the cattle barn, we also built a sheep barn with space for about 50 head. In sheep breeding we concentrate primarily on the breed of Tyrolean mountain sheep. The local animals (as well as our cattle) come to the Pfundser Radurschl-Alm in summer.



In the side valley of Pfunds, the Radurschltal, you will find the Radurschlalm, which has been run by Mirjam & Gert for more than 15 years. In summer, our animals come here to graze on the green pastures in the middle of the largest stone pine forest in the Eastern Alps. In autumn, shepherds and animals return to the valley. The driving down of the mountain pastures has long been a tradition in Pfunds and impresses many spectators every year.

Stall Birkach