History | Tradition since 1586

Walls that tell stories

Our house was almost certainly built in the second half of the 16th century. However, the keystone of the archway on the west side, which has been bricked up in the meantime, with the date "1586" is still preserved.


Gasthof Traube ca. 1910

The wide granite portal on the east side with a red-white-red stucco shield on its keystone leads into the mighty hall. A free-standing granite pillar and the heavy vault emphasise the noble, sublime effect of the room. From here (today used as a restaurant) one reaches the master's room, the dining room and the kitchen.

Originally, this hall is said to have been used as a so-called "Pallraum" to house the carts of the passing carters. A staircase leads to another mighty hall with a central pillar on the upper floor, which strongly resembles the chapter house of a monastery. In fact, it is said to have been one at one time.

The very probable existence of a chapel in the house is also indicated by the discovery of clay floor slabs, which were made available to the local history museum. Despite the necessary renovations in recent years, the guest still feels a mysterious touch of the time-honoured and the centuries-old history.

Former owners of the HOUSE

According to local sources, it was built as a monastery around 1580 and later used as an inn. However, it is difficult to determine the exact date of this change of use. However, a plaque, which is now also in the local museum, indicates that a certain ANTONY GREIL and his wife ANNA MARIA SIRELIN owned the inn around 1750. The latter may have been a brother of the famous baroque painter Jakob Philipp Greil and the father of the lesser known but very talented local artist Tobias Greil. The other owners are difficult to ascertain, but the names FLORA, PRUGG and KURZ are documented.

In 1914 ALOIS NETZER finally took over the Gasthof zur Traube. In 1957 his son RUDOLF NETZER became the sole owner of the inn and carried out the first major renovation. Thanks to the upswing in tourism and the energetic cooperation of all family members, the Gasthof Traube still enjoys great popularity after more than 400 years of existence. ASTRID NETZER, married to HUBERT FUCHS, took over the business in 1978 and ran it in an exemplary manner until 1998. She was an extremely popular landlady and many improvements were made to the house. The Gasthof Traube was a family business, and since son Harald learned the profession of cook and showed the most interest in continuing the inn, Astrid handed over the business to her son HARALD FUCHS in 1998. Harald and his wife CARLA FUCHS (née Theiner) have since rebuilt the inn and equipped it with the necessary comforts to meet the contemporary demands of discerning guests.